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June 03, 2008


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Oh hai! I see what you did there!

I saw your comments on 90DayReview so here I am. Just started the X two days ago. You had some great comments for James so I thought I'd bookmark ya.

Have a great workout today! Plyo damn near killed me yesterday and even though I'm sore pretty much all over (the pain sort of just blends together so I can no longer identify which pieces actually hurt) I'm looking forward to a great workout today. 3 hours until I'm off work and can bring it.

Have a good one!

Welcome to the new blog. I see you found my other blog, too.

I'm going to start posting up Day 1 pics of some of my colleagues. We all needed to do this so we're not a pretty bunch here at first.

Keep it up, Gary!

I feel like I need to post my day one picture too. The only difference would be that I am going to attempt to gain weight over a 90 day period.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Eat one (1) gallon of Chunky Monkey ice cream a day, right before bed.

2. Quit your job.

3. Stay home and play Rainbow Six Vegas all day. And all night.

4. Use a flash bang.

5. Sell your golf clubs and buy a year's supply of Jimmy Johns.

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