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October 26, 2008


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Congratulations on your transformation. You look great buddy. You're one of my main sources of inspiration in my own transformation. A real person with a real blog showing real results.

THANK YOU for leaving your comment on our site, and THANK YOU for detailing your incredible saga on your blog. You've done two things at least, but definitely not at most: You've left living, visual proof of what can happen when you go from numb to invigorated - who isn't struggling with that right now?! (calling up "sharpen the saw" from 7 Habits is a perfect way to relate that.) but you've also re-inspired me, reminding me why i jumped into P90X in the first place. It's one of the few programs that is a promise of real potential, made real through a personal decision to act, made day after day without fail. "Die Hard 3" vs. P90X? perfect analogy. Contratulations, I am very happy for you, and celebrate your success. and - sorry to be cheesy - but WAY TO BRING IT!

You have to be my hero. Can you please email me telling me how you manage with the fifer scissors? I'm in relatively good shape but I can't seem to straighten my legs out at all .. did this come in time for you? I'll be visiting this site for inspiration and jealous-motivation a lot more now!

Wow, super transformation. You look great. I'm on my 39th day, first round. I'm not very big on following any diet plans, but I'm sort of gaging my protein/carb/fat percentages in a macro kind of way. Not really counting anything, basically just eyeballing it. So, maybe my results will not match up to yours, but I really feel content about my 30 day result. I have accepted that my choice in my diet approach may result in less than average transformation, so be it. Nevertheless, transformation will occur, it just may take me longer than most P90Xers.

I also started a blog to help me keep advancing forward. My blog is at http://taichigirlie.blogspot.com/. It would be nice if you and your friends could check up on me once in a while.

Tai Chi Monkey Girl

Thanks, everybody, for your support. To be honest, I am scared to go back to the way I was before because it took so much work to get here. As I said in previous posts, I had lost a bunch of the weight I gained when I quit smoking a few years ago - then slowly it crept back on. I didn't have as much to lose this time. Of course, I have never been in this great a shape before either! I don't want to do it all over again and I don't want to be a burden on my family when I get old so I am sticking with good fitness and diet for the long haul.

Fifer scissors: Dude, if you can't straighten them when they're all the way up, then raise them as high as you can while keeping them straight. Then just suck it up and don't let them drop until You. Absolutely. Can. Not. Keep. Them. Up. That burn isn't going to kill you so you have to do it until they fail, right through the pain. That's how I did it. My legs aren't completely straight, but they are just shy of being locked out. Also, don't skip X Stretch and make sure you are bringing it in Yoga and in a few weeks you'll blast through Fifer Scissors strong and proud.

Tai Chi Monkey Girl! Great site and great results so far, by the way. However, I have sad news for you: diet is about 60% of the equation and if you ever want to get into that little cocktail dress again, you might reconsider the Nutrition Guide. Cardio is 20% and resistance is the other 20%. You will be strong and able to sprint up ten flights of stairs on P90X, but you will look mostly the same if you don't discipline yourself on the diet. I hope I don't sound harsh, but it's the truth and diet was the BIGGEST thing I had the most trouble with (dang, I loves me some pizza and beer and carbs and carbs and steak and chinese food and on and on). Maybe just follow the diet book strictly for this 90 days only and then see how you feel later? Eyeballing your diet is like eyeballing your finances - there will be some surprises at the end of the month.. ;-] You will find that a nice clean diet makes you feel really good and there won't be any anxiety in the back of your mind about not truly getting the results you really secretly want. Just try it.. Diet is probably the biggest thing. Also, as you get stronger and start to feel those new little muscles popping out in interesting places, you will want to SEE them, too!

For everybody else, it's just a matter of "how much do you want it" and "are you willing to make the sacrifices to get what you want?" I want being in good shape more than I want sitting in front of the tv when I could be working out or sitting on a bar stool or going through a drive thru. But that's just me, everybody has their own goals.

Be honest with yourself and remember that doing any kind of moderate exercise at least three times a week and keeping to a reasonable and balanced diet will go a long way towards improving your overall health and longevity. And that's what it's all about.

Oh, and the "sacrifice, discipline, and hard work" paradigm is straight from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," which I so very strongly suggest that everybody read/listen to (I have it on CD and listened to it in the car) if they haven't already. "Sharpen the saw" is Habit 7, which is that you have to have to take care of your tools if you want to be effective at anything. In this case, the "tool" is the human body (Dan, please refrain).

Great site! Thanks for all the wonderful information. I had a question about the last pic on your main page. Was that pic taken after your first round of P90x or your second round? I was wondering because you had great results for the first round.

Thanks again,


If you are talking about the photo on THIS post, that was taken at the end of my first round of P90X, after doing a round of P90 right before it. If you are talking about the photo on my most recent post September 9, 2010, then no it wasn't, I haven't done P90X in well over a year up to this point. I am currently in the middle of the Men's Health Book of Muscle program, which has zero cardio, and just weighed myself this morning at 171. I'm going to get down to 169 and then alter the diet for maximum mass gain, which in this case will be GOMAD for 30 or 60 days, or until further notice (depending on how it goes).

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