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September 28, 2009


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Is there a female version of your site? Obviously girls lose weight more slowly and differently, and I would love to see how these workouts worked for them. I would like to read something as in depth as your site, but for girls. thoughts?

There is not a female version, but the principles are essentially the same. Women can benefit from the same compound exercises as much as men. As far as pure fat loss goes, I have found that I can maintain or lose fat strictly by diet. The exercises have their own awesome benefits of conditioning, strength, and flexibility but I don't really think that for fat loss-only that exercise is necessary. It definitely makes it easier to lose fat, though.

It all depends on what a person's goals are. If women only want to lose weight and don't care about being in good shape, just diet. If they want to get toned and strong, lift. If they want to get toned and cut and lose weight pretty quickly, do conditioning stuff like P90X.

There are differences between males and females, but as humans, we respond pretty much the same to the same kinds of exercises. The only exception that I can think of is that it takes women a LOT longer to gain a lot of muscle mass. And by a lot I mean like years longer. The main reason being that women just don't have as much testosterone, which we all know as the hormone that makes men so awesome. But for both men and women, the first thing that happens when we lift heavy is that we train our neurological system to use the strength we already have (yes you are stronger than you think you are right now). Then we start building muscle density. The great thing about that muscle density is it not only tones us up, but it also raises our resting metabolic rate so that we burn more calories while we're eating ice cream in front of the tv.

Also check out some of the links in my blogroll on the right for some female P90X sites. Check out Caustic Musings, her site is pretty comprehensive.

So all in all, I am dieting now to get down about 50lbs. Then I wanted to tone up. Should I do P90x or Insanity?? What do you think?

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