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January 08, 2010


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Congrats on your transformation. I started p90x on the 18th of January so I'm in the middle of my 3rd week. Woke up today to find some definition in my abs that certainly wasn't there before.

In your post on the 6th you said you went from 190 pounds before hand, to 164 after with a 6-pack. How long til you really saw your abs come through?

I started off at a much lower weight than you. I'm about 5'8", 140 on a good day. I think if I can burn some belly fat I really could get a 6-pack. Wondering how your transition went.

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I did P90 first and lost most of the weight. Then I did P90X and lost the rest and that's when my six pack really popped out.

The key to all of this is learn to balance the diet. In the beginning, the calorie deficit thing works really well. But after your body's fat reserves get low enough, then you start hitting the wall. I seriously started bonking about halfway through P90 so I had to add a sandwich and some bigger portions of stuff so I could get through the workouts with enough energy. But I had to carefully monitor how many calories I was taking in so that I didn't stop losing fat.

It depends on what a person's goals are. If somebody really wants to see all of their abs, I would say that sticking with the calorie deficit version of the diet plan is the way to go. If they want to be more conditioned and maybe gain a little mass, eat more. But they should never lose sight of their overall fitness goals and should be honest about what they want to accomplish and how long it will really take to get them there. It took me six months to get the full on six pack. I didn't have a problem with this because I was making a lifestyle change and not trying to win an ab race.

All that being said, the diet was the hardest part for me. I worked out very hard (like puking during pushups hard) and loved every minute of it (still do). Bringing it during the workouts made a difference in my body shape and muscle tone. But I could have never seen my abs if I didn't follow the diet to the letter. And for me they didn't really pop out until the end.

Hi Prophet , im doing stage 1 week 3 and i found your workout log amazing, i have one but yours is great,is it possible for you to share the format?


Stage 1 week 3 of P90X?

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